Annual Science Meeting 2013

The first NGL Annual Science Meeting was arranged during November 7-8, 2013, in Oskarshamn, Sweden. The meeting was preceded by an excursion to the NGL facility at Äspö and its surrounding environment in Simpevarp and Laxemar.

Conference documents:

List of participants

See also presentations under the separate Abstracts and presentations page.

This first annual conference served to strengthen the build-up, support and integration of the NGL research community. The conference opened with an introductory session on the background to NGL and the ongoing infrastructure development process. The majority of the conference time was then dedicated to disciplinary sessions in plenary, covering NGL-related research activities and projects from the fields of geobiology (3 scientific contributions in total), (bio)geochemistry (10), pollutant transport and remediation (8), water and climate (9), rock environment and material characterization and interaction (9), and education and researcher training (2). An interdisciplinary poster session was also included. The meeting concluded with disciplinary breakout sessions dedicated to continued planning of a joint research program for NGL and to identify infrastructure needs for various research fields.

This first annual meeting gathered around 60 participants, out of which at least 10 were graduate students in research projects relating to NGL. Please contact Arvid Bring or Anna Rockström if you have any questions about the conference.