Research projects

The table below lists some selected examples of research projects related to the NGL facilities.

Project leader
Funded by
Project period
Abundance and fractionation of rare earth elements in fracture groundwater at the €Äspöš HRL as determined by diffusive gradients in thin filmLinda AlakangasLinnaeus UniversitySKB2013-2015
Alfagate 2 - RFID WIRELESS- WIFI INTEGRATION in extreme environmental conditionsAngelos AchiniotisNeoSys ABSKB, NeoSys, Identec2011-2013
Aluminium and fluoride transport and speciation in streams receiving an abundance of fluoride from granite intrusions and regolith, LaxemarTobias BergerLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus university, SKB2012-2014
A National Geosphere Laboratory at Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory with surroundings and related research-supporting facilitiesGeorgia DestouniStockholm UniversityThe Swedish Research Council2013-2014
Apatite fission-track analysis of samples from SKB Oskarshamn drillcoresPeter JapsenGeological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)GEUS, SGU, Geotrack International2013
Basin-scale hydrological spreading of pollutantsGeorgia DestouniStockholm UniversityFormas2013-2015
Behaviour of rare earth elements in bedrock fractures in Laxemar and ForsmarkMats ŁstršömLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus University, SKB2010-2013
Biomineralisation, biogeochemistry and biodiversity of chemolithotrophic microorganisms in the tunnel of €Äspöš (Sweden)Joachim ReitnerGöšttingen University, GermanyGerman Research Foundation2008-2013
Chemical and isotopic features of Neoproterozoic hydrothermal calcite veins, LaxemarOlga MaskenskayaLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus university, SKB2012-2014
Corrosion protection of rock boltsBror SederholmSwerea KIMAB ABTrafikverket, Elforsk, SBUF, Nordic Galvanizers AB, Galvano AS, Outokumpu Stailess AB, Vik Orsta AS, BeFo2010-2013
Crystalline Rock Retention Processes (CROCK)Stellan HolgerssonChalmersSKB, EU2011-2013
Detailed fracture mineral investigationsHenrik DrakeLinnaeus UniversitySubproject to Linnaeus University Geochemistry Research Group2009-2014
Development of a system used for quality control of rock bolt reinforcementLeif GustafssonMalmfäŠlten i Norr ABMalmfŠlten i Norr AB2012-2013
Development of techniques for determination of ultra-low levels of metals in fracture groundwater in the €Äspöš HRLLinda AlakangasLinnaeus UniversitySKB2010-2013
Distribution of fluorine in soils developed on the Gšötemar granite and TIB rocks, LaxemarTobias BergerLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus university,2012-2014
Documenting long-term biological and chemicals consequences of increased water temperatures in the Baltic Sea associated with global warming before they have happenedAnders ForsmanLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus University, Hellmans Stiftelse, Nova R&D2011-2013
Drinking water scarcity in coastal areas - prediction and decision support toolsBo OlofssonKTHSGU, Nova R&D2012-2013
Energy Center OskarshamnJanne WalleniusKTHNova R&D2012-2013
Expert group for the harbour remediation project in Oskarshamn (2013)Marcus LaaksoharjuOskarshamn municipalityOskarshamn municipality2013
Fe-isotope variation in low-temperature fracture-coating pyrite in LaxemarHenrik DrakeLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus university, SKB2013-2014
Field-scale soil moisture dynamics under climate changeGeorgia DestouniStockholm UniversityCarried out within the framework of strategic environmental program EkoKlim,
Stockholm University
Fluoride abundance and controls in regolith groundwater and fracture groundwater in the €Äspöš HRL and the Laxemar areaTobias BergerLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus university, SKB2012-2014
Fluorine in surface and ground watersTobias BergerLinnaeus UniversitySubproject to Linnaeus University Geochemistry Research Group2009-2014
Fossilized microorganisms at €Äspöš HRL, SwedenMagnus IvarssonSwedish Museum of Natural HistorySwedish Museum of Natural History2011-2013
Fracture flow characterisation: Correlation of effective hydraulic conductivity and scan-line density of flowing fracturesLing LiUniversity of Queensland, AustraliaUniversity of Queensland2011-2013
Geochemistry and reducing capacity of bulk fracture coatings in water-conducting fracture zones in Laxemar-SimpevarpHenrik DrakeLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus university, SKB2012-2014
Geochemistry of cerium in fracture coatings in LaxemarChangxun YuLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus university, SKB2012-2013
Geochemistry of Paleozoic hydrothermal calcite-rich veins, LaxemarOlga MaskenskayaLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus university, SKB2013-2014
Geophysical Detection of EDZ/HDZ Around TunnelsMatthew A. PerrasQueen's University, CanadaQueen's University, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute2012-2013
Hydraulic rock tests - Inflow tests and Water Pressure TestsLisa HernqvistVecturaTrafikverket2013-2013
Hydrochemical interaction between a tunnel and its surroundings - development of prediction modelsLars O. ErikssonChalmersFormas, BeFo2010-2013
Hydrological pathways and coastal system dynamics (Integration of transport and transformation processes from land to sea)Vladimir CvetkovicKTHSKB, KTH2009-2014
Isotopic and trace-element signatures of secondary minerals precipitated on borehole equipment in the €Äspö HRLHenrik DrakeLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus university, SKB2011-2014
KLIV - Climate-land-water changes and integrated water resource management in coastal regionsGeorgia DestouniStockholm University, KTH, Linnaeus University, Ecoloop, Nova R&DNova R&D, Hellmans Stiftelse, Āspöš Miljöšstiftelse2012-2014
Lantanoids in bedrock fracturesMats ŁstršömLinnaeus UniversitySubproject to Linnaeus University Geochemistry Research Group2010-2014
Linnaeus university geochemistry research at the €Äspöš HRLMats ŁstršömLinnaeus UniversitySKB,
Linnaeus University
Linnaeus University Geochemistry Research GroupMats ŁstršömLinnaeus UniversitySKB,
Linnaeus University
Master Thesis: Hydraulic Tests in RockLisa HernqvistVectura/ChalmersVectura, BeFo2013
Metal sorption onto Āspöš HRL material (1 PhD student)*Maria MalmstršömKTHSKB2007-2014
Mixing modelling in the hydrogeochemically disturbed fracture network of the Äspö HRL (M3 modelling)Frédéric MathurinLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus university, SKB2008-2013
Modelling of chemical effects of marine-water intrusion in bedrock fractures in the €Äspö HRLFrédéric MathurinLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus university, SKB2012-2013
Modelling of groundwater chemistryFrédéric MathurinLinnaeus UniversitySubproject to Linnaeus University Geochemistry Research Group2008-2014
Nova - Baltic sea Aquaculture Innovation Centre (BIC)Anders KiesslingSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Vattenbrukscentrum Öst c/o …ÖstsamNova R&D, Atrinova, Hellmans Stiftelse2013
Participating in the FP7 project PETRUS IIITommy ClaessonLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus University, SKB, KTH, Nova R&D2011-2013
Pre-study for Sediment Mining and Remediation in Oskarshamn HarbourWilliam HoglandLinnaeus UniversityOskarshamn municipality, Nova R&D2011-2013
Rare earth element abundance and fractionation in Mesoproterozoic hydrothermal multi-mineral veins, LaxemarOlga MaskenskayaLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus university, SKB2010-2013
Riksriggen drilling infrastructureLeif BjelmLTHVR
Rock, harbor/bay/lagoon sediment and soil metal analyses instrument for fast areal distribution estimationsWilliam Hogland
Mats Łstršöm
Linnaeus UniversityLinnaeus University, Nova R&Dn/a
SAFESITE - Safety system for preventing fire and intrusion in underground sites based on future technologyAngelos AchiniotisNeoSys ABSKB, NeoSys, Niscaya, Siemens2010-2013
Scientific deep drilling, ÅreskutanLeif BjelmLTH and Uppsala UniversityVR, ICDP
Sources, transport and reactivity of Cs in bedrock fractures in the €Äspöš HRL and the Laxemar areaFrédéric MathurinLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus university, SKB2012-2013
Structure and function of microbial communities in the deep biosphereMark Dopson, Stefan BertilssonLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus University, Nova R&D2013-2016
Thermodynanic Sorption Modelling of toxic metal contaminants in groundwater with sensitivity analysis (2 PhD students)Christian EkbergChalmersProposed to VR2014-2018
Trace elements in fracture minerals and groundwaterOlga MaskenskayaLinnaeus UniversitySubproject to Linnaeus University Geochemistry Research Group2010-2014
Using SIMS to determine variation in d13C and d18O across calcite crystals precipitated under low-temperature conditions in bedrock fractures in LaxemarHenrik DrakeLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus university, SKB2012-2014
Variation in chemistry and isotopic composition of calcite within fractures zones carrying an abundance of low-temperature precipitates, LaxemarHenrik DrakeLinnaeus UniversityLinnaeus university, SKB2012-2014
Exposure to arsenic, lead and cadmium via drinking water consumption near contaminated glassworks sitesAnna AugustssonLinnaeus UniversityStockholm University, Nova R&D2014-2015
Development of standards for functional requirements at underground facilities with respect to the chemical environmentLars O. EricssonChalmersFORMAS, SBUF, Cementa AB, SKB, BeFo, El-forsk AB, NCC Construction AB, NOVA, BESAB, Trafikverket, SGU, CBI, Swerea/KIMAB AB, Thomas Concrete Group AB (TCG), Vectura/Sweco2013-2017